Ramadan 2023

Remember Yemen This Ramadan

Due to poverty and economic challenges, families in Yemen face increased challenges, and as a result, they cannot fast in peace. So this Ramadan, share your blessings with vulnerable families in Yemen. You can do more this gracious month with your contributions towards at-risk communities and ease their fasts.

Through Yemen Aid, you can ensure that all your donations directly aid the people of Yemen, without any middlemen. Please do your part and donate generously.

Food Security

We provide food parcels and rations to help alleviate issues of hunger and starvation in Yemen.

Clean Water & Hygien

We help ensure that the vulnerable people of Yemen have access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities.


Our work in the healthcare sector of Yemen involves setting up diagnostic facilities as well as restocking existing hospitals with medical essentials.

Sustainable Development

We believe in creating long-term change in Yemen by empowering the people. Towards this end, we provide crops and livestock to farmers to ensure that the people of Yemen become self-sufficient.


Zakat means ‘to cleanse’ or ‘purify’. Carrying out this mandatory act establishes a spiritual connection with Allah. It regulates a fair share of wealth distribution among the poor. It is the third pillar of Islam, the third most important form of worship after fasting.


What Is Sadaqah? Sadaqah is a voluntary act of charity and has great importance in Islam. It not only protects you from the unforeseen but also helps those in need.