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Food Security

As conflict continues across Yemen, hunger and starvation surges at unprecedented levels. Over 20 million Yemenis, including women and children, are in need of humanitarian assistance. Nearly 2 million young children are malnourished and are in need of specific dietary needs and supervision. Sadly, thousands of children have died from starvation.

Food prices are on the rise and the instability of the Yemeni currency has reckoned with families in need.

Yemen Aid’s Effort to Intervene in Fighting Hunger

Yemen Aid provides emergency intervention in conflict zones to meet the needs of Yemeni families in coordination with the Food Security Cluster to ensure appropriate support to those most vulnerable.

Our interventions have included:

  • Distributing thousands of food baskets to communities facing extreme hunger and displacement
  • Providing specialized food packages to malnourished children for specific dietary needs
  • Promoting agricultural livelihood projects for farmers

Yemen Aid supported:

Over 40,000 individuals; Provinces: Aden, Lahj, Hodeidah, Abyan, Taiz, Mareb, Al-Dhalae, Al-Baydha and Hajjah.

What can you do?

Daily food for families is crucial in preventing famine in Yemen. With your support, we can lessen the burden of average citizens by distributing food baskets.

$60 can provide one family (5-7 members) food for one month.

Clean Water & Hygeine

As the war in Yemen remains the largest threat to stability, Yemenis continue to face challenges in accessing basic necessities such as clean water. Around 19 million people are water insecure which is one of the main drivers of communal disease spread and poor hygiene conditions. Illnesses like Cholera and Acute Watery Diarrhea have been an ongoing danger to the health of Yemenis since 2015. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread due to a deteriorated health sector. This is why, now more than ever, hygiene matters.

Access to reach water is limited due to distance and financial burdens which prevent families from having clean water from water trucks. As a result, children have left their classrooms and have become responsible for fetching water by traveling long distances to wells for their families. Additionally, the increase of water prices has been almost impossible to purchase for the average citizen.

Yemen Aid Believes that Water is a Human Right

We continue to believe that every Yemeni must have the right to water access no matter where you live or your economic status.

Snapshot of our intervention to promote water access:

  • Intervention of community wells
  • Distribution of ‘Dignity Kits’ in support of families who are currently in IDP camps
  • Promoting hygiene awareness campaigns to students
  • Supplying wells with necessary community faucets, piping and other infrastructural items
  • Rehabilitation of water reservoir tanks and Installation of water pipeline networks

We supported:

Over 90,000 individuals ; Provinces: Aden, Lahj, Hodeidah, Abyan, Taiz, Mareb, Al-Dhalae, Hajjah, Ibb, and Hadhramout.


Yemen’s health sector remains almost non-existent since the start of the civil war in 2014. Roughly half of Yemen’s health facilities have closed its doors due to lack of operational support and resources. The remaining hospitals are operating at minimal capacity and are in need of support. Meanwhile, women and children have tremendously suffered due to medical shortages in public hospitals and clinics. Without adequate healthcare, citizens are at imminent risk of illness.

Yemen Aid

Yemen Aid puts the health sector as a top priority and believes that the betterment of quality for Yemenis starts when the health sector runs effectively to serve the population as it should.

Our Support to the Health Sector

  • The establishment of an Ambulance service program (EMS) effectively run in two provinces
  • Dozens of medical shipments distributed to medical facilities
  • Operational support of the ‘Pink Clinic’- Breast Cancer Diagnosis Center – first ever in the province of Lahj
  • The launch of mobile clinics to refugee camps and communities facing urgent need
  • Rehabilitation and operational support of Al-Dobba Primary Care Clinic

Over 1 million beneficiaries at local hospitals; Intervened in 55 hospitals ; Provinces: Provinces: Aden, Lahj, Hodeidah, Abyan, Taiz, Mareb, Dhamar, Al-Dhalae, Hajjah, Hadhramout, Ibb and Shabwa.

Sustainable Development and Livelihood

Yemen is now entering its seventh year of conflict and continues to be known as the world’s worst humanitarian conflict. With a collapsed economy and public infrastructure, Yemen desperately needs a new approach of aid intervention that prioritizes development rather than urgent intervention.

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen needs long-term solutions that are focused on sustainable development goals. Yemenis that are facing hunger and famine require income to depend on themselves. Farmers need agricultural tools for their produce to grow. Women need livelihood projects that ensure their livestock will feed their families and provide an income.

Yemen Aid

Our priority as an organization is to provide suitable solutions for Yemenis within the framework of sustainable development goals. As an organization, we do not want Yemenis to be dependent on our aid to survive. By promoting sustainable projects, we are supporting dependency and encouraging growth. In this sector, we have seen significant results through economic empowerment.

Our intervention

  • Building over 60 greenhouses for farmers
  • Solarizing over 50 medium – large water wells across Yemen
  • Supporting families with livestock
  • Distributing agricultural tools and seedlings
  • Providing training to farmers

We have supported farmers and vulnerable communities in Amran, Taiz, Lahj, Raymah, Shabwa, Hodeidah and Dhamar.

Women’s Economic Empowerment

The contribution of women in society is immeasurable. When their chances of success are limited due to conflict, they become dependent on others. In Yemen, the war has put an extra burden on women. By supporting them to restore their confidence and hope through economic opportunities, they will improve their quality of life.

Our Priority at Yemen Aid

Yemeni women bear the brunt during times of instability and are now the breadwinners of their families due to loss of male-member households from conflict and diseases. With Yemen witnessing an economic collapse, our projects are crucial to support women with tools that can change their lives.

Our interventions to Support Women

  • Greenhouses for female farmers
  • Economic livelihood projects through grants of livestock
  • Micro-business managing and skill enhancement
  • Providing tools and resources to support their projects and small businesses
  • Psychosocial and post-trauma therapy

We have supported over 100 women in our women empowerment interventions and will continue to expand economic opportunity to groups facing extra hurdles during conflict.

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