More than 2,500 schools in Yemen have been destroyed, damaged, or used for non-educational purposes — affecting 1.1 million children’s ability to learn.

Yemen is now entering its seventh year of conflict and continues to be known as the world’s worst humanitarian conflict. With a collapsed economy and public infrastructure,

Yemen’s health sector remains almost non-existent since the start of the civil war in 2014. Roughly half of Yemen’s health facilities have closed its doors due to lack of operational support and resources.

The contribution of women in society is immeasurable. When their chances of success are limited due to conflict, they become dependent on others.

As the war in Yemen remains the largest threat to stability, Yemenis continue to face challenges in accessing basic necessities such as clean water. Around 19 million people are water insecure which is one of the main drivers of communal disease spread and poor hygiene conditions.

As conflict continues across Yemen, hunger and starvation surges at unprecedented levels. Over 20 million Yemenis, including women and children, are in need of humanitarian assistance.