Medical Supplies 


In March 2020, in light of the deteriorating health sector and COVIDー19, Yemen Aid in partnership with

Americares distributed a shipment of intravenous solutions to Yemen’s Mareb province. We supported five hospitals that assist over 1.2 million Yemenis annually. Thanks, Americares!

Medical Supplies

Aden, Abyan, Lahj, Taiz, Hadhramout, and Shabwa

In April 2020, thanks to our great partner, Muslim Aid USA, we welcomed and disturbed medical shipments worth over 2 million dollars to Yemen. These shipments come at a crucial time in the country as COVID-19 overwhelms medical facilities and the already deteriorating health sector.

We distributed based on need benefiting hospitals that open its doors to over 2 million patients annually. We targeted the provinces of Aden, Abyan, Lahj, Taiz, Hadhramout, and Shabwa and distributed to 18 public hospitals, including one senior citizen nursing home.

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Ambulance Services


In November 2019, Yemen Aid launches an ambulance service in Taiz which is in coordination with the Al-Aroos Hospital of Sibr. This free service, which is 24/7, will be used to allievate the suffering and burden of residents in the city that continue to face difficult siege.

ambulance party

Mental Health


In November 2019, under the slogan "Our Children are the Wealth of Our Homeland", Yemen Aid supported local NGO, “I Am a Human" to implement a workshop for 250 students with psychological post trauma from the district of Al-Mansoura, Aden. We’ve also supplied them with uniforms & school items

This project aims to strengthen the support of children psychologically and socially which will alleviate their psychological stress from conflict experience and work to raise their morale in improving practical achievement in schools.


Medical Supplies 

Abya and Dhalae

In March 2020, in partnership with Direct Relief, Yemen Aid distributed a shipment of approximately 8 tons of medicines and medical supplies containing 26 categories of drugs and medical supplies to two hospitals, they are as follows:

1. The ‘Three Martyrs’ Hospital of Al-Shaib, Dhalae province.

2. Lawdar General Hospital of Abyan

The shipment also contains intravenous solutions for treating acute diarrheal diseases prevalent in the country, such as cholera, and medicines to treat some chronic diseases such as diabetes. Other medical supplies were also part of the shipment that will help prevent corona virus outbreaks such as N95 masks.

Medicines and Medical Supplies

Aden and Abyan

In September 2019, we received and released two 40 ft containers of needed medicines and supplies in partnership with Direct Relief under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and cooperation of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. Through these two shipments, we have assisted multiple hospitals in Aden and Abyan.

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Breast Cancer Clinic


In early 2019, we were proud to open the first ever Breast Cancer Clinic in Lahj, Yemen. However, we felt that Lahj and the people of Yemen deserve a much more welcoming space. We decided to take it down, reconstruct and redesign the clinic to offer quality for women! Now, in September 2019, we are excited to showcase the opening of the first ever breast cancer clinic in Lahj, Yemen called ‘The Pink Clinic.’

Medicines, Medical Supplies, and Tents 

Aden and Taiz

On November 13, 2018,  Yemen Aid, in partnership with Direct Relief, delivered medical supplies and medicines worth $115,000 to Hodeidah Health Facility in Aden to be used for Yemen’s Al-Khokha district. Tents were also received and will be placed in Yemen Aid's IDP camp prepared to be built in Taiz. 

Cholera Medicines


In March 2019, Yemen Aid, in partnership with Americares, received a shipment to the port of Aden, Yemen with medical solutions and medicines to combat the recent increase of Cholera. 18 tons of medicines will be given to public hospitals within Aden where many facilities lack supplies.

Ambulance Service

Al Hudaydah

Yemen Aid launched an emergency medical response program with a grant from Pakistan-based Abdul Sattar Edhi International Foundation. The first ambulance will operate 24/7, in partnership with Al-Oulaphi Hospital in Al Hudaydah starting March 2018.The second ambulance will be used for conflict zones and mobile clinics across the region. Yemen Aid is continuing its promise to ease the suffering of Yemenis with free access to medical transportation and emergency medical care. Additionally, we are creating badly needed jobs for Yemenis through development projects.

The ambulance team

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Unit ("Pink Clinic")


In October 2018, Yemen Aid will open a breast cancer unit in Lahj with a grant from Direct Relief. It will be the first, free public diagnosis center ever in the city which will offer early breast cancer diagnosis for women. This project will benefit thousands of women from Lahj and neighboring  areas and cities. The significance of mammography is to help detect breast cancer early, which reduces a patient’s risk of dying from this disease.

Cholera Relief Medicines

In July 2018, Yemen Aid completed its fourth project of supporting hospitals and government health facilities with medical solutions and antibiotics. We delivered a 40-foot container of medicines and antibiotics to Al Ma'ala Health Complex in Aden, which will help them meet patients' needs for essential medicines free-of-charge. The center receives most cases in the Directorate of Al-Ma'ala (over 500,000 residents) and faces many difficulties in meeting the needs of patients and hence our response. This project was carried out in partnership with AmeriCares. As always, we thank them for their continued support and partnership.


Cholera Relief Medicines

Abyan and Ibb

In March 2018, Yemen Aid delivered a 40 ft container of cholera relief medicines, donated by AmeriCares, to Al-Razi Hospital in Abyan and Al-Nasr Hospital in Ibb. The estimated total cost of medicines was $113,000 USD. This shipment is part of Yemen Aid’s medical assistance projects. Yemen Aid intends to implement upcoming medical projects that will alleviate the suffering of the people in Yemen. 

Cholera Relief and Medical Supplies

Al Hudaydah and Ta'iz

By late December 2017, the World Health Organization reported that the total number of suspected cholera cases had crossed the 1 million mark, citing  just over 1,005,000 cases. The outbreak extended over all but one of the country’s 23 governorates. More than 2,200 deaths have been associated with this epidemic since it spiraled out of control in late April 2017. Thanks to our partnership with Direct Relief, our cholera relief shipment, including medical supplies, was delivered to Al-Thawra Hospital in Al Hudaydah and to the health office in Ta'iz. 

Cholera Treatment Kits


In partnership with Direct Relief, Yemen Aid delivered a test shipment of Cholera Treatment Kits to Al Thawra General Hospital in Al Hudaydah to be followed with a larger quantity. This test shipment was handed over in December 2017 which consisted of two pallets of cholera treatment kits.