Emergency Medical Consultant

    Walid Hamud was born and raised in Fresno, California. He is an Emergency Medicine Physician with special interests in underserved medicine, performing medical research, and carrying out global health and education projects. As a Yemeni-American, Walid is passionate about utilizing his skills to give back to his community. 

    Walid graduated in 2013 from Fresno State with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Philosophy. Growing up in the Valley, Walid witnessed first-hand the health disparities that existed in medical settings such as Community Regional Medical Center, UCSF-Fresno, and the Tzu Chi Free Clinic, where he volunteered for three years.


   As a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to South Africa in 2012, Walid established and directed an educational project for street children at the Sinethemba Children’s Center while serving as a volunteer nurse in a slum in Port Elizabeth. Experiencing the struggles for education and basic healthcare both locally and abroad spurred Walid’s interests in public health and the role he could take as an advocate for the under-served.