How we Help the Yemen Crisis

Since the establishment of Yemen Aid in 2016, we have worked tirelessly to bring the Yemeni message to the international community through humanitarian relief on the ground in Yemen and through our various advocacy work on international and professional platforms. We believe that the dynamics of  Yemen’s needs are complex and crucial to the livelihoods of its citizens. This is why  Yemen Aid was established by Yemeni-Americans to bridge the gap of their vision and perspective to the rest of the world.

In this unique manner, we believe that our role is crucial to humanitarian development in the country. How we approach the necessities of urgent aid and long-term sustainable projects vary from district to district and province to province within the Republic of Yemen. This is especially true during Yemen’s current conflict where over two-thirds of the country’s population face imminent starvation and famine and half of Yemen’s medical facilities have closed its operations.

Our Vision

Guided by our values of preserving the dignity of Yemenis, we envision a Yemen that is dependable on its own resources.

Our Mission

Every Yemeni is self-sufficient and has access to clean water, healthcare, education and economic opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of my donation is spent on aid?

Every effort is made to reduce administrative expenses and to maximize aid. Last year, Yemen Aid spent approximately 2% on management and general, 8% on fundraising and 90% on programs.

Can you discuss any regional geo-political issues that are impacting the crisis?

Yemen Aid is neutral and non-political; however, we strongly encourage all parties to the Yemeni conflict to initiate ceasefires  and end air strikes in order to create the conditions for peace talks. We encourage all parties to the Yemeni conflict to start talking to each other about a long-term agreement that will bring stability back to Yemen and end human suffering.

How can the world community help? What about the United States?

Yemen Aid calls on the international community – including the U.S. government – to double the amount of humanitarian aid to Yemen. Emergency food assistance is badly needed – and it’s needed right now.

Are you hopeful?

Yes! But ending the human suffering in Yemen will require a lot more compassion, political will, and investment by Yemenis, their neighbors, and the international community. We believe we can work to end this crisis if we improve essential government services in Yemen.

Yemen Aid Is Here To Help

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